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Online meeting


A Free 20 Min Online Video (or Call) Remedy & Supplement Consultation

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Consult with Sayanah Janell PhD
Founder & CEO of Herbasal LLC

No outsourced call center here! Your 20 minute consultation will be directly with our founder, Dr. Sayanah Janell.

With over 35 years of expertise and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, Dr. Janell is highly skilled in Homeopathics, Western herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the former co-owner of McKay Biochemist Health Clinic in Australia, regional manager for Panaxea Intl USA in California, and founder/lead practitioner at Sayanah Wellness Center of Naples, as well as CEO of Herbasal LLC, you're in excellent hands!

In This Consultation We Will Cover
We'll Answer Your General Questions Too

Partnered Health & Wellness Services

Do you have an interest in health and wellness and want to take it a step further?

We invite you to visit Sayanah Wellness Center of Naples, offering a variety of health and wellness modalities, including certain online consultation services. 

Your path to wellness starts here! Herbasal Clients are eligible for 15% DISCOUNT

Mention "Herbasal New Client"

* First time and new clients only

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Iridology is a non-invasive method of analyzing the iris to determine where health issues may exist.

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Whether you want to  lose weight, reduce stress, boost energy, & improve health overall; we can help you achieve healthy lifestyle changes.

Vegan Bowl

Your personalized step-by-step plan includes, ingredients, mouth-watering recipes, nutritional value and more for a delicious & healthy plant-based lifestyle

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