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Sayanah Janell PhD
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Dr. Sayanah K Janell PhD
Nutritional Biochemistry PhD | Naturopath ND | Iridologist

Sayanah’s fascination with herbal medicine began at the age of four, mixing "medicine" for her "sick" dolls in her mother's pantry. This early passion grew stronger through her academic journey, including studies in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chinese
Medicine, and Nutritional Biochemistry, with a research focus on intracellular signaling platforms in health and disease. In her own words:
"I believe that plant-based medicine reinstates balance and consonance to the body."

As the former co-owner of McKay Biochemist Health Clinic in Australia and regional manager for Panaxea Intl USA in California, Sayanah gained invaluable experience. With a stronger-than-ever commitment to blend modern science with alternative medicine and holistic healing, she founded Sayanah Wellness Center and Herbasal LLC. With over 35 years of knowledge, Sayanah is proficient in the use of Homeopathics, Western herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist with a variety of health conditions. Her extensive expertise has driven her to create cutting-edge herbal formulas, organic biodynamically grown superfoods, supplements, and tinctures produced from the highest quality ingredients that can help restore and maintain optimal health and vitality.

"We welcome you to Herbasal, LLC, an American company based in Naples, Florida - with a dedicated team that takes pride in prioritizing the use of the finest natural and organic ingredients in our meticulously crafted supplements and herbal tinctures for our brand and shop.”
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